October Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage 10 18 2011  Wildberry Lodge

Here come the Fall colors - tough to capture with the camera.

Sorry I have been delayed in posting the pictures. We have a lot of guests at Wildberry Lodge and they have to come first. I will post the pictures in order so that you can follow the progression. We had a couple of storms that kept knocking off the beautiful lease as they turmed color – so no big splash this year, but still beautiful.

Fall Color at Wildberry Lodge 10-8-11

Today the colors are really beginning to show. Although I find it hard to capture them unless I zoom in on my camera, you can see them more clearly with the naked eye from the deck or patio.  I have posted 2 pictures today 1 is of the view I normally try to capture and the second is a zoom in to the west side of the view so that you can see what we can see in person.  Have a great day!

Fall Colors Wildberry Lodge:  Reds and oranges

Color is difficult to capture but if you look close you can see the reds and oranges

Hello world!

Fall Foliage 2010

I could sit on the deck for hours and look at this view.

It is Time Wildberry Lodge started a blog – we will start with the fall foliage watch for 2011.  I will post some previous pictures so we have something to compare to this year.  Hope you enjoy the view – better yet come see it in person!   Here is a picture from 2010 to start us off: